Member Stewdio User's Guide

Note:  Member Stewdios are an optional feature of CStew Stewdios and must be enabled by the group's administrator.

Your Member Stewdio (MS) is your personal platform for self-expression. It provides a place where you can tell others about yourself and promote your own "stuff".  You can create your MS in a few minutes and update it yourself anytime (no Webmaster needed!). Your Member Stewdio can include information about yourself, a picture, links to other sites, your personal events calendar, and shared files where, among other things, you can display samples of your work.

Member Stewdio User's Guide Index

Your Member Stewdio can be accessed through the Member Stewdios link on the sidebar of your group's Public Stewdio homepage.  It can be found either from the list shown or through the Search function. Searches can be performed in two ways:

  1. By name or partial name.

  2. By genre (category) with which you associate yourself.

An MS also obtains its own Internet-recognizable URL in the form of http://www.cstew.com/GroupName/YourName.  You or others may use this URL to directly access your MS without taking the time to go through your Stewdio's homepage.

To set up your Member Stewdio:

  • Follow the step-by-step instructions generated by the Create Member Stewdio wizard.  This is reached by clicking on the "Create Member Stewdio" link on the sidebar of the Members Only section of your Stewdio.

  • Once your basic MS has been completed click on the " Edit Member Stewdio" link in the Members Only section of your Stewdio.  Click on " Update Special Features" and choose the Special Features you would like to be active in your MS.  These include:

To set up Member Genres - CStew allows you to identify yourself with certain "Member Genres".  These are categories that are preset by the group administrator and they allow you to associate yourself with subgroups within the group (i.e. fiction in a writer's group).  This allows someone who is searching for people with a certain genre to find them all at once.  If a certain genre is not in the list for you to choose, notify your administrator and they can make it available for you.

  • Whenever you want to add to or change your Member Genres, go to "Edit User Info" (On the Members Only area sidebar) and then to "Edit Member Genres" and click on the genres applicable to you.

Editing Options:

  • Administer Your Calendar - The calendar operates intuitively with arrows moving it forward or backward monthly or yearly.  Posting headers and starting and ending times show in the date boxes themselves.  Details of the postings may be viewed by clicking on the date (i.e. 12).  All postings made to the Public Calendar are automatically added to the Private Calendar as well.

    Postings can only be made by the owner of the Member Stewdio.  To post to a calendar you must click on the Add an Event! button and a window will open.  The MS owner must type their username into the UserID form box to be allowed posting privileges.  The Heading field is the text that will show on the calendar itself.  The details field is information that will be viewed when a user clicks on the date (i.e. 12).  Starting and Ending times will also show in the calendar with the header.  You may choose multiple dates on the small calendar if you want the same event to be listed on more than one day.

  • Upload Shared Files - Go to the Upload Shared Files link in the Members Only section of your main Stewdio. You’ll have four choices of where you’d like the file to be displayed, only two of which will display in your MS:

    • Member Stewdio - this choice will allow your file to only be searched for or found in your personal MS

    • Public/Private/Member Stewdio will allow your file to be searched for and found in the Public and Private areas of your group’s main Stewdio as well as in your MS.

Keep in mind that files should always be kept fairly small or others will have difficulty accessing them over the Internet.

Deletion of Shared Files may only be done by your Stewdio administrator so you just notify him/her and they will do it for you.

  • Edit Member Stewdio - From the Members Only area of your main Stewdio you click on the Edit Member Stewdio link and:

    • Update Picture  - This link allows you to change the picture on your MS. Follow the instructions and choose a file from your own computer to be displayed in this area.

    • Update Picture Description - This link allows you to change the picture description on your MS.

    • Add/Modify Hyperlinks - You may type in the URL (Internet address in the format of http://www.yourdestination.com ) and description to create a My Link section on your MS. You may also edit or delete links you have previously entered.

    • Update Special Features

      • Calendar - This link will allow you to activate a personal calendar on your MS where you can make appointments, post personal events or other things. To edit your calendar you click on the date itself and follow instructions.

      • Shared Files - This link allows you to activate the Shared Files feature of your MS.

      • Scheduler (optional feature) - This link allows you to enable a personal appointment book.  You may edit the properties of this Scheduler through the Customize Scheduler link that appears when you enable the Scheduler.

    • Customize Scheduler (optional Scheduler feature must be turned on) - This button links to the CommunityStew Reservations System Setup page.  This is a fully functional appointment book capable of handling online appointments with optional automatic notifications and many other advanced features.

      • The CommunityStew Reservations System Setup page has 3 setup choices:

        1. Resources (this title can be changed on the Properties page) - Links to Resource Setup (title changeable)

          • Add Resource (title changeable)

          • Edit Resource (title changeable)

          • Delete Resource (title changeable)

          • Back to Main - Takes the owner back to the main setup page.

        2. Authorized Users - This allows the owner to add Authorized Users to a list that will allow these users to make appointments in this appointment book when that requirement is enabled in the Properties page.

        3. Properties - This links to a page where the definable properties of the Scheduler may be changed.  They are:

          • Admin Password - This is a password for the MS owner's use so they may alter appointments.

          • Date Format

          • Time Format

          • Days to Display

          • Daily Time Range

          • Access Options

          • Email Options

          • Resource Description Properties

            • Title

            • Prompt

            • Field 1

            • Field 2

            • Field 3

            • Field 4

            • Field 5

    • When you have completed your changes click the Finished link to regenerate your Member Stewdio. 


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